50 40 5cm pick and pluck foam use for camera box Anti collision box shock frame box luggage precision instrument box sponge in Wall Stickers from Home Garden

50 40 5cm pick and pluck foam use for camera box Anti collision box shock frame box luggage precision instrument box sponge in Wall Stickers from Home Garden
50 40 5cm pick and pluck foam use for camera box Anti collision box shock frame box luggage precision instrument box sponge in Wall Stickers from Home Garden
50 40 5cm pick and pluck foam use for camera box Anti collision box shock frame box luggage precision instrument box sponge in Wall Stickers from Home Garden
50 40 5cm pick and pluck foam use for camera box Anti collision box shock frame box luggage precision instrument box sponge in Wall Stickers from Home Garden
50 40 5cm pick and pluck foam use for camera box Anti collision box shock frame box luggage precision instrument box sponge in Wall Stickers from Home Garden

Product Specification

Style: Classic

Classification: For Tile

Classification: Furniture Stickers

Classification: For Wall

Brand Name: BB

Model Number: SFPAPF1001

Specification: Multi-piece Package

Scenarios: WALL

Pattern: Plane Wall Sticker

Material: High Quality Polyurethane Foam



Why Choose Us:

1) Our factory directly sell with 15 years’ experience

2) Factory directly sell,with high quality and competitive price,using encironmental material,no toxin.

3) Fast Free EMS shipping,so you will received the package very quickly.

4) Test:SGS,BS5852,CA117,ISO9001
5) We will not use Vacuum compressed package,so when you received the foam,It is the Original form and not deformation.

Product Info : 

Material: Made of by 16KG/M3(35 lbs/M3)  Medium Density foam. Our Foam is a bio-foam. Its made from soybean, instead of petroleum base, like other foam.This means its environmentally sensitive and better for the end user.

Density Standard
Regular  Density--------10.8KG/M3(24 lbs/M3)
Medium  Density--------16KG/M3(35 lbs/M3)
High         Density--------20KG/M3(44 lbs/M3)

Color: Black and White.
Durability:Will last 7 to 10 years 
Size:50*40*5CM (19.7*15.7*2inch),   1lot =6 piece=13 Square feet =1.2 Square meters
Brand:Sun  Foam Factory
Usage: Perfect for Packaging shookproof (camera box Anti-collision box shock box aluminum frame box luggage precision instrument box), Upholstery, Furniture Repair, Seating, Bench Seats, Chair Pads, RV & Boat Cushions, Camping Pad, Crafts, Packaging, Cushioning, Protective Shock, Transportation, Pet Bedding, Arts, Crafts, Costumes, Character Design, Props, Movie and Theater sets, Special Effects (not recommended for every day use).


Let me custom cut you the foam to meet your project specs.


To get a quote for a custom cut foam piece, Simply:
Click under the description to Send me a message
Message me with:
 1) Length
2) Width
       3) Thickness 
    4) Quantity
I will reply very quickly and quote the cost of the foam with shipping.



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